#1 California Corporation Expedited Filing Service

If you are trying to a tight deadline and desire a response to your corporation filing quickly (less than a day sometimes), then your California corporation expedited filing service may well be a useful solution. This service is quite a bit higher priced compared to the california corporation expedited filing service standard service, nevertheless it supplies a guaranteed response time.

The California corporation expedited filing service is available during standard working hours on the Sacramento Secretary of State office. It permits people to submit company filings and acquire a response in a guaranteed time period.

There are many of choices for guaranteed california corporation expedited filing service response times. The Class Services delivers a response within 4 hours for people who submit a filing which has been prechecked and approved.

When you have not been able to find the application pre-approved, it is possible to still get a same-day service, but that service is higher priced and needs that you simply submit your filing by 9.30AM to obtain a response about the same day, bat 4PM.

The 3rd choice is a following day service, which can be billed as a 24-hour service. If you were to submit the application at 11 AM on Monday, you would then possess a reaction to your filing by 11 AM on Tuesday.

It is important to note that the california corporation expedited filing service guarantee is definitely to get a response. You should still pay a filing fee along with an expedite fee, as two separate checks. Your application might be declined. Should it be declined you will possess lost the expedite fee. You will be told the key reason why the application was declined inside the response that you are currently supplied with. It is prudent to obtain your application pre-checked, as well as apply as quickly as possible, to protect yourself from the potential risk of being forced to pay a pricey expedite fee if it is at all avoidable.